Male Health Assessment

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Symptom Checker

Please check any symptoms that are issues you would like addressed.
Loss of Energy/Fatigue
Loss of Sex Drive
Erectile Dysfunction
Loss of Drive and Competitive Edge
Decreased Effectiveness of Workouts
Stiffness and Pain in Muscles and Joints
Weight Gain/Inability to Lose Weight
Foggy Thinking
Poor Memory
Feel Cold
Dry Skin/Hair
Diffuse Pattern Hair Loss
Male Pattern Hair Loss
Insomnia- falling Asleep
Insomnia- staying Asleep
Night Sweats
Loss of Motivation
Feel Overwhelmed
Lack of Confidence
Loss of Motivation
Feel Overwhelmed
Sugar Cravings
Craving Salty Food
Craving Salty Foods
Water Retention/Swelling
Oily Skin/Acne
Breast Tenderness
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